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Building Connections in your Blended Family

Whether you have just merged households, or have been living as a Blended Family for years, it is common for step-couples to experience struggles, challenges, and discouragement.

I know the struggles you are facing personally, as I have learned much from my 28 years of Blended Family experience. Upon completing my coaching certification, I felt a strong desire to serve others by helping them navigate life within the Blended Family.

I understand deeply the unique challenges that Blended Families face. I have walked in your shoes and been there too! Besides being a stepmom, I am also a stepdaughter, stepsister, bonus mom, and bonus grandmother, and my children now have step-siblings, half-siblings and step-parents! I have learned much by choosing to navigate these transitions and build relationships in the most conscious way possible, with education and support along the way.

This experience and learning have become the foundation of my work. It is my passion to help you smooth out the path you are walking in your Blended Family.

Let's talk about where you are, what's going on, and I'll share with you my thoughts and ideas on how I can help you navigate and grow. Click here to schedule a Complimentary Call.

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