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Create More Love in Your Blended Family

Wed. February 1, 2023

Three Ways To Increase Love in Your Blended Family

12:00pm - 1:00pm EST Online Event

Join me for a fun and informative complimentary blended family workshop, designed specifically for moms! We'll explore ways to improve communication and build stronger bonds within blended families. Whether you're a stepmom/bonus mom , a mom of stepchildren/bonus children, or navigating any other type of blended family dynamic, this workshop is for you. We'll cover topics like setting boundaries, managing expectations, and finding common ground with your loved ones. I will bring humor and real-life examples to make the workshop an enjoyable and valuable experience for everyone.

Hello, I am Lisa Cutt a blended family mom, bonus mom and adoptive mom of 5 children. I am both a nurse and a behavioral coach. I am passionate about serving moms in blended families. I have walked in your shoes and am here to help make the journey easier.


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