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My journey to coaching began with a call from within

My journey to coaching began with a call from within, from an innate sense of compassion and caring about others. I worked for over 20 years in nursing, management, training, and medical sales, but I feel a deep connection, first and foremost, with my role as a mother. I am a mom and bonus mom to five children; the oldest two became my stepson and stepdaughter when I married, and then I gave birth to two daughters and later, adopted one more baby girl. Being a mother has been my greatest joy, and biggest teacher. I have learned much about the victories and challenges of navigating Blended Family life on my journey. I have taken my passion for helping people and coupled it with my 28 years of Blended Family experience. Upon completing my coaching certification, I felt a strong desire to serve others by helping them navigate life within the Blended Family. I understand deeply the unique challenges that Blended Families face-I have walked in your shoes and been there too! Besides being a stepmom, I am also a stepdaughter, stepsister, bonus mom, and bonus grandmother, and my children now have step-siblings, half-siblings and step-parents! I have learned much by choosing to navigate these transitions and build relationships in the most conscious way possible, with education and support along the way. This experience and learning have become the foundation of my work. My approach to coaching begins by helping my clients identify and overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs that may be standing in the way of living their best possible life, both within their family and beyond. I will guide you in a process of self-acceptance and self-love, which are the cornerstone of every successful relationship. While there is no substitute for putting the needs of the child first, building a strong foundation within one’s self is foundational to a strong, happy family. I guide my clients to find, within themselves, the tools that are inherently within each of us, and help them find ways to deal with frustrations, adjust expectations and stop “shoulding” themselves. There is no hurrying the process of navigating life in a blended family, and it is my goal to help my clients find clear ways to see through the challenges, with the compassion and empathy that comes from having lived this experience myself. I did not travel this path alone, and you don’t have to either. If you are feeling overwhelmed by some of the oftentimes “complicated” Blended Family demands, I am here to help you find clarity and self-motivation, and to set and achieve realistic boundaries and goals. I will share techniques to better manage the emotional stresses of everyday life, and support you through the many transitions that lie ahead. You can do this!


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